Centero is pleased to announce that they will support NXP® Semiconductor based products with engineering services and expertise.

Centero’s IoT connectivity products and end-to-end platforms are centered on NXP’s wireless single-chip solutions as well as low-power and general usage processors. This includes the Industrial IoT wireless modules and Gateways targeting process automation that are ISA100 Wireless and WirelessHART standards certified and compliant.

Centero also offers Fabrik, a Thread compliant platform and product line that targets the home and commercial building automation markets as well as lighting. The Thread compliant FabriK product line is also entirely based on NXP’s solutions.

“NXP welcomes Centero to its ecosystem of providers that offer NXP based products, solutions and technical knowledge. Centero has proven that they have the expertise needed to offer market leading IoT connectivity products and solutions that target the industrial, commercial and residential Internet of Things segment,” said Ryan Kelly, product marketing manager of NXP.

“Partnering with NXP and continuing to offer products based on their cutting-edge connectivity solutions will help Centero further its dedication to be a leading provider of wireless technologies, products and services for Internet of Things connectivity and security” added Robert Assimiti, Co-Founder and CEO of Centero.

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About Centero

Centero is a provider of wireless technologies, products and services for Internet of Things connectivity. Our offering includes end-to-end, standards-based communication hardware and software platforms that can be swiftly integrated into novel or existing products or systems.