Deploy Reliable, Secure and Cost-efficient WirelessHART™ Mesh Networks

Designed for industrial process automation and control, Centero’s WirelessHART compliant products provide infrastructure connectivity, security and management.

Develop WirelessHART™ compliant and certified field instruments using our WiHaRT development kit.

Deploy scalable mesh networks formed of WirelessHART compliant field instruments in a swift and cost-efficient manner using our WiFi Mesh enabled infrastructure products.

WiHaRT WirelessHART™ Development Kit

Everything you need to develop a WirelessHART™ (IEC 62591) connected field instrument

  • Includes a WirelessHART™ (Fieldcomm) certifiable full instrument reference implementation
  • Develop field instrument with minimal effort using sample application processor code provided
  • Includes ATEX/C1D2 certified WirelessHART™ Gateway ready for deployment in hazardous locations
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WiHART WirelessHART Wireless Module

Empower your product with WirelessHART mesh connectivity and security

  • Runs a WirelessHART compliant communication stack
  • Reference implementation includes all components needed to develop a WirelessHART certified instrument
  • Offered also as dual-boot WirelessHART/ISA100 wireless module
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NIO200HAG WirelessHART All-in-One Gateway

Deploy and manage WirelessHART Mesh Networks

  • WirelessHART compliant Network/Security Manager, Gateway and Access Point
  • High throughput WiFi Mesh backbone infrastructure connectivity
  • Robust wireless connectivity with path redundant field mesh topologies
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