The NIO200 industrial Wi-Fi Mesh Router outperformed competition in a field deployment in the port of Taipei proving it is a market leading solution for offshore and maritime applications.

Operators demanded improved range, larger scale networks, and reduced costs. We listened. And now, what began as custom-engineered solutions are available as an affordable product.

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The impressive capabilities and performance of the NIO200WMR industrial WiFi mesh router were demonstrated yet again. This time the routers were deployed in the port of Taipei, where the end user required extended range with routers communicating over ocean water. It also proved that the NIO200 is the ideal solution for deployments in offshore and maritime applications.

With RF communication propagating over ocean water (and not solid ground) the NIO200WMR demonstrated market leading range and throughput.

Range Throughput
500 meters (0.3 miles) 201 Mbps
3 km (1.86 miles) 103 Mbps

In terms of response time reliability, mesh mode outperforms traditional access point/client mode.

500 m – 0.3 miles
3 km – 1.86 miles