IWF610 IP67 Industrial Mesh Router

Deploy and manage Industrial WiFi Mesh Infrastructure

  • Dual-band IP67 certified 802.11 a/b/g/n mesh router
  • Multiple operation modes Mesh/AP/Client meets various deployment models
  • Extended range achieved due to two (2) 27 dBm high RF output power modules with 2X2 MIMO Path-redundant, adaptive and self-healing Mesh network functionality
  • High throughput for simultaneous field data, audio and video surveillance
  • Wireless security: WEP, WAP/WPA2, WPA2-personal, WPA2-Enterprise, Hidden ESSID, MAC address filtering
  • Extended -40 to +75 °C operation temperature range
  • Heavy industrial grade with Level-4 EMC immunity to Surge, ESD/EFT
  • Easy web-based configuration and security management through nCare
  • Power redundancy (DC and PoE)
  • Covered by 2-year warranty


The IFW610 is a rugged IP67 certified dual-band Wi-Fi Mesh Router designed for deployments in harsh environments. It can operate in Mesh, Access Point and Client modes allowing for various deployment models. Extended communication range is achieved by using two (2) 27 dBm high RF output power IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n modules with 2x2 MIMO capabilities.

The IWF610 offers unparalleled reliability due to a combination of path redundant, self-forming, adaptive and self-healing Mesh functionality. It also supports various QoS labels for high-throughput, simultaneous data, audio and video surveillance transmissions.

It showcases the highest Level-4 EMC immunity to surge and ESD/EDT and operates over the extended -40 to +75 °C temperature range.

State-of-the-art secure data transmissions are ensured through advanced encryption and authentication schemes (pre-shared and Enterprise) and black/white listing protection mechanisms. Security management is intuitive, user-friendly and versatile, especially when combined with the nCare I4.0 network manager.

All software and firmware components are remotely upgradeable.

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