WiHaRT WirelessHART™ Development Kit

Everything you need to develop a WirelessHART™ (IEC 62591) connected field instrument

  • Includes a WirelessHART™ (Fieldcomm) certifiable full instrument reference implementation
  • Develop field instrument with minimal effort using sample application processor code provided
  • Includes ATEX/C1D2 certified WirelessHART™ Gateway ready for deployment in hazardous locations
  • Gateway includes feature rich web-based Network Operation and Management System
  • User friendly SPiN development board includes OLED display and a large variety of sensors
  • Connect external processors, sensors or actuators via Arduino and Freedom form factor connector
  • Application processor code includes full set of mandatory Universal, Common Practice and Wireless commands
  • Implementation includes a fully compliant HART modem and FSK maintenance port as well as sensor and peripheral drivers and power optimization engine



The WiHaRT development kit includes everything needed to develop a WirelessHART™ (IEC 62591) certified field instrument with minimal development effort. It is a comprehensive, user friendly, end-to-end development platform that includes pre-configured and fully integrated hardware, firmware and software components. It also includes training materials and step-by-step instructions needed to develop a WirelessHART™ connected field instrument. The WirelessHART™ (IEC 62591) industrial IoT standard provides a robust wireless protocol for the full range of process measurement, control, and asset management applications. Based on the proven and familiar HART™ protocol, it enables users to quickly and easily gain the benefits of wireless technology while maintaining compatibility with existing devices, tools, and systems.

The WiHaRT WirelessHART™ development kit includes the following hardware and software components:

  • SPiN development board (2)
  • WiHaRT X-Mikrobus boards (2)
  • Field instrument reference implementation source code package
  • NIO200HAG WirelessHART™ All-in-One ATEX/C1D2 Gateway
  • Centero Engineering application
  • Documentation and Training Package

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